Goodbye coffee teeth stains with this affordable whitening kit!

Jessica Gutierrez Herrera
Goodbye coffee teeth stains with this affordable whitening kit!


Remember we say Rosé all day quite often? Well, we do drink Rosé that then leads to red wine, then coffee the following morning.... then maybe a social cigarette and the list goes on. When it comes to socializing and time to attend important events like a friend's party, bridal shower, bachelorette party or even your own wedding, a white smile is super important! 

I do all of the above constantly, and I'm talking about the first paragraph: Rosé, Red wine, coffee, and cigarettes. Then combine this with this entrepreneurial life, and my busy life as a mom, running after a three-year-old as soon as I finish work. To be honest,  I'd never realised or paid any attention to my smile until one day, I woke up looking at my discolored yellow teeth and what looks like a heavy coffee and wine stain on my left front teeth - SCARY!

Smile Brilliant has worked amazingly. It's an affordable whitening kit, very easy to use and quite effective! It has changed my smile so much, from yellow teeth to a very bright smile!

how to get rid of coffee stains

Want to know how I whiten my teeth?

In few sessions, my teeth started to whiten. Stains that I've had through the years improved a lot. I can say most of them have gone away, and believe me, I don't drink just one cup of coffee a day.

If you're wondering how it works, I'll simplify it here: 

1. Purchase your Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit - you will receive it in no time! 

2. Time to make your own dental impressions. There are a couple of materials and detailed instructions to make them. This is less than a 6 min process, super easy!

3. Send your impressions back to Smile Brilliant at no cost. Smile Brilliant sorts that out for you so you don't have to spend a dime. They will get your guides ready in about a week. 

4. Once you receive your custom fitted trays make sure these fit well and start using them! Once a day for 14 days for best results. 

The great thing about this whitening kit is that everything comes with detailed instructions. Step by step. 

how to get wine stains on teeth

This is a new process for me and I have to say is part of my routine, just right before I got to bed. It has taken about 14 days to get the results I wanted but I promise you'll see noticeable changes within few applications. The great part about all this is that this whitening kit is actually affordable, and you can take it with you if you're traveling, just like I did on my recent trip to Iceland. Maybe you just got engaged or are about to get married, this is the easiest solution for a free stain smile!

Smile Brilliant reached out to me to brighten my smile from yellow to white. It’s changed my smile and I feel super comfortable with it. I'm very positive I'll keep whitening my teeth because even if I finish my whitening gel I can always purchase some more instead of getting a full new kit! - Whoa! How's that? 

before and after yellow teeth

How do you get your own kit? 

Click here to get the exact teeth whitening kit that I used. *Scroll down this article for a discount code! 

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To enter our GIVEAWAY

Submit your name and email address on our giveaway page. The winner will be selected and contacted via email within 2 weeks! This giveaway is for $139 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

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Additionally, if you're in a rush here's a little something for you: 

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Hip hip HOORAY!


Here are some resources if you’d like to know more about how you can get started:

Have any questions?

Reach out to Smile Brilliant, they have a live chat with super sweet and friendly staff. You may also visit the Smile Brilliant FAQ section for more details. 

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