Pretty Goods ATX - Jessica


Hello, I'm Jessica, the creative mind and maker behind PRETTY GOODS ATX. Born and raised in Monterrey, MX. London called for quite a few years, life and work moved me to Austin, TX. I love all DIY and color in general. I started making goodies for babies as a hobby, while working remotely from home and looking after my tiny baby.

After helping one of my friends who was organizing a Bachelorette Party, I decided that I LOVE making pretty things and to decorate spaces, especially when using bright colors. Girly events and Bachelorette Parties are my favs.

Pretty Goods ATX started as a small shop on ETSY - We offer a wide range of decor, focusing mainly on Bachelorette party items, favors, ideas. Then we moved here, to our own website.

With my background in programming/interface design, passion for color, typography and graphic design, I designed some of our products, which I also produce here in my studio in Pflugerville, TX. It’s been a wild ride in the world of small businesses but here we are!




We are PRETTY GOODS ATX, an online boutique shop that specializes in bachelorette party decor, favors and ideas for a fun bachelorette weekend. We want you to have the best experience possible! We provide all the decor (and tools) you need in a party box and send it straight to your bachelorette pad. Alternatively, we deliver and set up decor here in Austin TX. We get your bachelorette pad ready before you and your squad arrives. 

We also decorate any other important life events: Weddings, Birthday balloons, Engagement parties, Baby shower decorations and any decor setup  here in Austin, TX.

Need your event decorated in Austin, TX? You can send us an email to 



Stress-free. Get your hotel or rental decorated before you arrive!

We'll bring balloons and favors (and other supplies upon request), you just need to arrive in ATX!




We are an ONLINE boutique shop based in Pflugerville, TX. We bring giant balloons and all sorts of bachelorette party decor to the Austin area and ship out items to all USA and Canada.

We are young. We've been operating since early 2016. 

There isn't a storefront yet, all items are either delivered here in ATX (fees apply) or shipped out. Pickups are available upon request, at a residential address. 

For collaboration inquiries drop me a line - I'd be happy to discuss a partnership.