You're the pineapple of my eye

Last year, we had the opportunity to be part of Kolly's first birthday, Krista Horton's (AKA daughter. It was a colorful 1st-year party celebration.

This special celebration had a fun theme: pineapples! It's not surprising we love themes and things get easy when mamma sends over some inspiration for it.

Primary colors: Yellow, bright green, gold and our fav, hot pink! You can't go wrong with this mix - 100% awesome for summer or as pool party decor. 

krista Orton, kolly, pineapple partygold letter balloons, balloon banner, pineapple party, krista Orton


The whole decoration gets a 100 score. Kolly's name in gold letter balloons, paper honeycombs, placed strategically in this super nice tropical frame made out of leaves - it looked on point. 

Custom Giant Round Balloons and tassels are the perfect complement. Usually, two are enough to enlighten a table of desserts, a buffet table, a cool backdrop or even at the event's door.

What you see on the table is the cutest pineapple bits and pieces that you can add to make a party look even cuter: A pineapple cake, pineapple mini-goody sweet baskets, real pineapples... and those pineapple cups? Whoa! Really, the whole enchilada.

pineapple favorspineapple cake

Now, let's talk about Kolly's highchair, we arranged a tassel garland to match giant balloons. You can totally decorate your baby's chair by adding pops of color with a custom tassel garland - these are awesome for photos, easy to assemble and reusable! 

Kolly's banner 

Happy Birthday banner, The Pineapple of My Eye banner, pineapple one feltie banner, pineapple one cake topper - Glambanners

Krista, you made this party an amazing one! 

To find more about Krista's adventures: @krista.horton

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